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Receive money via the GCash app, anywhere and anytime

Receive MoneyGram remittances direct to your GCash Mobile Wallet Account!

Now, there are more ways of receiving money to your mobile wallet in an instant.

GCash Directed Receive

For Philippine remittance receivers, simply open your GCash app , look for the MoneyGram icon, type in your MG reference number, and you can get your remittance instantly loaded in your mobile wallet!

GCash Directed Send

For Senders abroad, just key in SEND MONEY TO GCASH Mobile Wallet in their remittance options, and voila! You instantly get your remittance!

About GCash:

GCash is a mobile wallet service that lets you buy load, purchase items, send and receive money, pay bills, and more using a Philippine mobile number on any network. Through the partnership with MoneyGram, GCash customers now have a fast and secure way to receive international money transfers direct to their mobile wallet.

Where can I get the GCash app?

The GCash app is available in the Google Play Store or App Store

Where can I cash out?

Funds are available for withdrawal through a number of options. If you have a GCash MasterCard, just go to any BancNet or Mastercard ATM to cash out. You can also visit Villarica, Tambunting, Robinsons Business Center, SM Business Center, Puregold or Globe Stores to Cash-Out.

Where would I find more information on GCash?

For further assistance, message us on facebook.com/gcashcare or visit https://www.gcash.com/frequently-asked-questions/

GCash Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MoneyGram/GCash service? MoneyGram has partnered with GCash to provide direct to mobile money transfers in minutes.

How does the MoneyGram/GCash service work?

MoneyGram offers two ways for you to receive money into your GCash wallet:

  1. For Philippine receivers who have not provided their wallet information to their sender, simply open your GCash, look for the MoneyGram icon, type in your MoneyGram Reference Number and the funds will be loaded into your mobile wallet.
  2. For Philippine receivers that prefer to have their sender direct the funds to their wallet, simply provide your phone number to your sender and once processed, the funds will be loaded into your GCash wallet.

Are there any receive limits with the MoneyGram/GCash service?

There is an aggregated daily limit of Php50,000 for MoneyGram transactions. This is not specific only to funds received through GCash.